DePorres Place, Inc.

2014 Adult Student Essay Contest

What is the Most Difficult Thing You Have Done in Your Life?

Maria Eugenia Sanchez   Winner March 7, 2014


                Life is full of decisions. We make decisions from the minute we get up: common decisions of daily living, money decisions, and family decisions. But sometimes life puts before us the most difficult and painful decisions. Just like the one I had to make many years ago. My hands that received so much love and tenderness would be responsible for extinguishing the life of my beloved dog, Lucky.

                The day she came into my life was a very hot summer day. She came running straight to my feet and tried to catch my shoelaces. When I looked into her beautiful eyes, I knew I could never abandon her. I took her home and washed her. At this precise moment our journey of love, friendship and loyalty began. Lucky was my companion during long evening walks. She is the reason I met a boy in my neighborhood who is now my husband. We have been married for seventeen years.                 No matter what time in the evening I returned home from college, she was waiting for me with joy. Lucky stood by me when I got my first job and when I changed my hair color. She listened carefully to every secret between my sister and me, as if she understood every word. She ran with me when I was caught in a rainstorm with my boyfriend. She witnessed our first kiss and our most serious fight. Lucky was there to comfort me in my sorrows of love and to laugh with me in my happiness. For eleven years, she was my “rock”. My friends said I loved her more than I loved my boyfriend.                 One day I was playing with her I felt a lump. The vet said it was a pimple. A month later another vet diagnosed her with cancer. The wind was taken from my body. He gave me an option. Lucky could receive injections. I knew this was a wise decision. Her eyes and expression told me so. My heart was determined that she would live forever.                 Forever was only five months and I had to decides what was best for my Lucky. It would be done at home, in her own bed. At that very moment, I put my face in front of hers and looked directly into her eyes. While peace invaded her face, my soul filled with pain, sadness and despair. She looked at me lovingly, as if to say “thank you”. Soon I realized that all the pain that she would not feel and all that she would not suffer, would be deposited in my heart, forever. I will always love you, Lucky.




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