DePorres Place, Inc.



Basic Literacy 

Tutors teach reading and writing to English-speaking adults over the age of 18, who are out of school and reading below a eighth grade level.  Laubach Way to Reading is the basic text.  When a student finishes this series, he/she may go into the Challenger Series.  When a student has reached an eighth grade reading level, they transfer to another program in the community, usually a GED preparation program. 

Tutoring is done One-To-One.

Learning Disability Basic Literacy

Tutors who have adults with a learning disability use the Wilson Reading System or Reading Horizons.

Tutoring is done One-To-One.

English for Speakers of Other Languages - ESOL

Tutors teach conversational English to non–English speaking adults. The Side By Side or English No Problem! series are used. 

Tutoring is done One-To-One or in small groups of 2 to 6.

Computer Lab

There is a computer lab with many interactive software programs for the students to use both in the reading and in speaking.  Students are free to come when they are free to practice.


 Conversation Sessions

Tutors and students frequently gather for conversation over coffee or tea.  Topics for discussion arise from the group.  This gives the students an opportunity to practice their English speaking skills in an informal, relaxed environment.

 Lending Library

The lending library consists of books written for the adult literacy learner on numerous reading levels, books with tapes for the basic literacy student and ESOL student, Newberry and Caldecott books, children’s classics, encyclopedias, dictionaries, and some books on history, geography, literature and English grammar.  Tutors and Students may check out books to take home or use in class.


Multi-Media Learning Labs

 DePorres Place provides many multi-media and interactive computer programs which students and their tutors can use to practice their reading, writing and listening skills.

If a student has not yet been placed with a tutor, they may come to the Multi-Media Learning Lab to begin developing their English vocabulary skills. 


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