DePorres Place, Inc.

 Recycling Paper

We need your help !!


We can:

  •  Help to preserve the environment and
  •  Make money for the school


Please bring your

  •    Newspaper
  •    Flyers
  •    Office paper
  •    Notebook paper
  •    Note pads
  •    Computer paper
  •    Blue prints
  •    Magazines
  •    Junk mails
  •    Catalogs
  •    Envelops


You can bring ALL PAPER can be recycled in the SP bin.

recycle symbolThank you for your help!!

Sister Margaret Exworthy OP

 Extra  $$  Extra  $$  Extra  $$  Extra  $$  Extra  $$

There is a minimun requirements of 4,000 pounds per months.

      A 2-ton/month collection is the breakeven point.

To give you some weight perspective: If a family saves the newspaper everyday for a month they would save about 50 pounds of newspaper. In DePorres PLACE between Tutors and Students we are 200 people; So, 200 families saving the daily newspaper, have the potential of generating 10,000 pounds per month. Of course, not everyone recycles, yet! Out of 200 families, you are likely to get 40 to 60 percent participation resulting in a range of 4,000 to 6,000 pounds. 

We get $15 per ton, if we make the 6,000 pounds per month, we could get $40 at month.

The collection of donated paper can be one of the esiest, most successful ways of earning money for DePorres PLACE.

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